Poem -

She’s such a ‘Scatter-brain’

She’s such a ‘Scatter-brain’

Her head is always up in clouds so soft
Tho she thinks shes on the ball
That billowy nebula in our outdoor loft
She is never clued-on at all

If she has an appointment
She always forgets the date
So ‘Scatter-brain’ will turn up at the reception desk about three days late

It’s simply the way she is
She has always been the same
Yet it doesn’t bother her one little iota
She will just say “Dear me what a shame”

I always say to her “It is highly likely, very presumable
Haha you will be late for your own funeral

Tho she will always argue her case
saying someone else must be wrong
Yet I know what she’s like,
Such a ‘Birdbrain’
It’s her fault all along

What a numbskull of a fruitcake
She can never get anything right
She’s alway’s mixed up for pity’s sake
I wonder if she sleeps at night ?

It’s not that she isn’t intelligent
But not pratically minded at all
I reckon she doesn’t let anything bother her
I think this is her downfall

She is well named Willamena
With a maiden name of Lily
God knows why her folk’s called her that
Mind you I handle her “Silly Billy”

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