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Simple Little Things

Empathy Of Life

Simple Little Things

Life was more simple then.
No electronics, no vehicles, not even a pen.
A feather did the trick, when dipped it in ink.
No perfumes to wear to cover the stink.
Four could easily sleep in a bed.
You pulled the ropes and made a knot, on the day you wed.
The simple things that we take for granted everyday.
Like an orthopedic mattress, not a feathered one where you lay.
Walking for miles just to get water to wash and to drink.
No faucet with warm running water from a sink.
Using tea bags you made over and over again.
Honestly if we did this we would go insane.
Looking back on how my granny once did live.
Makes me want to help those less fortunate and just give.
The simple things like a coat or maybe food.
How much happier our world would be, a kinder mood.
My granny 7 feet tall, size 14 for a shoe.
With no money she would wear a size 10, its the only thing to do.
When you wake up tomorrow and your coffee is in the cup.
Think what you can do for others, just to cheer them up.

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Tony Taylor

Amen to that dear poet sister!!...... If everyone did that..... the entire world would be a Better place...... taking things we have for granted is REALLY quite a shame......I Like these lines ~

           ~ "Walking for miles just to get water to wash and to drink
               No faucet with warm running water from a sink..."

Most of us never even experienced such a thing!!......ALL STARS!!......thanx for the poetic reminder CATHERINE!!....... well done!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo.  : )


Catherine (Rayc...

Thank you Tony Taylor - we have so much sadness in the city we live in presently.  The University down in the center core is in the affordable housing area.  Crime rate at its highest and most importantly, those who can't afford rent have taken to tents in our parks and by the river.  Some have addictions and some just can't find a place to rent.  Not enough shelters.  I wrote this thinking of how blessed we truly are and hoping others can reach out and help as well.  Bless you for the five stars.


It really is the small things

Catherine (Rayc...

The more simple it is, which at times we don't even realize it is even there.  The more value in our hearts.