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Sir Billy Connolly💙

Sir Billy Connolly💙

l love the ‘Big Yin’
Such a unique personality
As tears roll down my cheeks with laughter
He has an amazing ability

Billy Connolly you are certainly one of a kind
Born in the poor streets of Glasgow
Deprivation comes to mind

Telling jokes as a welder
Working on the shipyard floor
You were destined for stardom
After you walked from out your door

Yes you do swear alot
But honesty is your gift
Your talent is amazing
You give everyone a lift

We have watched you loads recently on the tv
We would never miss your shows
My hubby & me

I am pleased your in my era
You make me very proud
The way you’ve risen to fame from nothing
Entertaining people in a crowd

Through the years you’ve never wavered
You have grown from strength to strength
The best comedian by far
You have beat them all by a length

Nowadays you are failing
Dreaded Parkinsons disease
But you will still look on the bright side
Unable to walk, down on your knees

Billy Connolly you are a genius
As you tell all of real lifes event
You describe it as if its happening
Saying it excatly as its meant

Still pulling in the crowds
Even though you are seventy five
Crikey Moses thats incredible
What a performer, ‘Man alive’

You will always be a legend
‘The Big Yin,’ you got life right
After you are long gone
Shining like a diamond in the night


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Cherie Leigh

Hi Jill...Billy is funny for sure!  I did not know that he has Parkinson's disease...awww...what a hard disease.  I also did not realize that he is 75 years old....In my mind he is always about 45-50..lol.  Nice dedication..I am glad he makes you laugh. We need people in our lives that make a difference....and humor is a necessity!  xo ;)