Poem -



Too many years spent in isolated play,
no one to share in joy and fun.
To play tic tac toe and always win
Is easy when you play with one.
To never have someone take your side
And share a secret you want to hide.
To make a language  all your own,
And turn a house into a home.

Then one sweet day at crack of dawn
my world reversed 'cause you were born 
A tiny squawking ball of pink
who only seems to cry and drink!

I made a promise there and then,
that I would always be there when.
you needed help, and love and fun.
that I would be the only one...

to catch you when you start to fall,
to run to you each time you call.
to fight the bullies in the yard.
to  push your swing high- really hard!
But time goes by we go our way.
As years go on we’ve less to say.
A chasm opens  - we fall in,
And wait for friendship to begin
We’re older now, our kids have grown
and each of us is now alone.
Our hands reach out  to hold the hand,
and walk a path we had not planned.
As older one I take the lead,
as younger one you still concede
On one thing though I know for sure
I’ll love my sister evermore!