Poem -


As she nestles her soft, tawny hair against thy breast
And small lips open in a yawn
I look upon her frilly, frivolous dress
Her eyes as bright as the sun's dawn
Begin to close and open 
Fighting against the dizziness and compulsion of sleep

Are you sleepy little angel? 
Your days without a fright? 
How you sleep so softly in the dark, and stormy night. 
Do you fear danger, or desperation?
No, the infant only craves love
And dreams of nothing but a messenger dove

But, how our world is filled with horrors
You have yet to endure
Some have little or nothing to eat
Many are stuck, homeless and hurt
I look upon you in awe as people cry over poverty
Someone has died, this very night, 
By either murder, surprise, or peace
And people bury their loved ones in the dirt as we speak

As I lie you in your crib
And you raise your arms above your head
I cry and I weep over the many things you do not yet understand
Yes, you do not know the hopes and fears you have to come 
I go back to the clouds, my body weak and numb
My light will shine on you forever baby
And I will see what you have in store
Maybe not in mortal form
You are not yet old enough to mourn
But I mourn for the loss of being able to raise you
As I touch the silken cloud high upon the heavens
I have only one, pressing question
Are you sleepy my little angel?

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Gerard McGowan

This is so sad, I mourn with you in thought, in mind, in words that are blind, the desperate desire for a life without death, the horrors that could have been and almost certain pain, the beauty you were willing to share and the love, ready to give, cut short.

Someone needs to know, someone needs to be made aware and if god cannot hear, then humans are here, if only for a moment.

A Beautiful and tragic poem served with heart ache and despair.