Poem -



The fields in my head are empty.
No trees, No flowers, No rainbows. EMPTY!
Yet I see hundreds of soldiers running.
As if thoughts overpower reality, these soldiers fight.
During the day they disappear, but they kill at night.
Night after night I watch the war till the end.
But it never ends, it is just starting to begin.
Is this real or is this just a dream?
These soldiers in my head don't work as a team.
Against each other they bring war.
The image in my head shoots to my core.
The blood floods my head,these soldiers killed each other.
No one left to stand, these soldiers were left to smother.
Slowly as they take their last breath, I take mine as well.
When me and my soldiers die, don't dwell.
Those soldiers fought their war and lost that night.
All of us are born but not all survive the fight.

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Marion Price

Very interesting write Haley...enjoyed the read 🌹🌹