Poem -

Solitary Sentinel

A challenge

Solitary Sentinel

The solitary sentinel 
still stands guard. 
Armour torn. 
Body broken. 
Weather worn. 

Defiant of time. 
The sentinel holds the yellow line. 

(a mate sent me the picture this morning and challenged me to write a tribute to a traffic cone!) 

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Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Well, Nigel, you met the challenge!  You also certainly proved that you can write about anything and be poetic in delivery...even about something as common and unusual of a topic as a traffic cone...but you gave it personality and honor in description.  Great job!  I don't think I could do that!  I am impressed. xo ;)

Nigel Cresswell

Thanks Cherie, my friend really did want a tribute. The cone guards the entrance to his block of flats car park and he felt it deserves a warriors tribute for keeping his parking space free. 
I was just having fun. 
Thanks again Cherie