Poem -

Someday freedom

Day by day, the clouds roll over
Day by day, the memories never cease, 
All I have,are the days locked inside
Day by day, I look for the only peace, 
One day at a time, it all comes to us
One day we shall be with the ones we miss, 
Day by day we fight through our problems 
One day at a time,we loved once those we kiss, 
Lie in peace,those who have left us
Those who have left,up above we will see, 
Day by day,the clouds keep on passing 
Somehow a smile will set,happiness & joy free, 
Someday freedom plays out to freedom someday 
New love was found,each journey ahead, 
For when I am gone,I will always know
You were my first love,adored each word said, 
I'll pass you in life someday, freedom dictates
As that I enter & leave with is the same, 
For I longed for is peace & love & unity
Losing you was my end,after love was my altered game.