Poem -

Someone elses fight

​​​​​​As we send our sons and husbands out in the middle of the night, across the distant waters fighting someone elses fight,
As they stand for Queen & country for what's just, what's right and free, through war torn lands and desert sands and snipers they can't see,
As the leaders of the nation behind their desks sit safe and sound, an air assault rains down its bombs and bodies strewn on the ground,
Well they knew not what they died for on that humid summer night, only that they got caught up in someone elses fight,
Well he got a heros burial but the words that went unread, were my own, 'What good's a hero when he's lying f*cking dead ?
Sent home in a pine box, on the casket the flag it was draped, while a couple of p.o.w's it seems they somehow escaped,
And at their first debriefing we realised the plight, brought about by being tangled up in someone elses fight,
So to all of you world leaders, all you allies to the cause, won't you all think twice who pays the pruce when you go round starting wars,
Cause it's not you politicians on your fat six digit pay, it's the soldiers on the frontline who are paying the price today,
So when the body count has risen with no ceasefire there in sight, next time please don't go dragging us into someone elses fight.


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Being Me

Really well written, Julie Ann. This flows so well and speaks a lot of truth x

Nigel Cresswell

Soldiers always know that they are being shat apon but they persist because, beyond anything else, they believe that they protect.
Sometimes that is actually true. 

devon reed

We'll written I like it's telling the real