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They say not all who wander are lost.. Im just tryin to find a home, some place I feel I belong.. Reality seems so fake and vague lately.. These feelings are not as they once seemed.. My heart used to hold the future. My eyes held dreams.. Now that all seems so far away from me.. Reality hit me.. Right in my face.. I'm running an endless race.. Time passes all we do is disagree. I remember that love we had that made me feel free. Now it's like we are strangers I barely feel like i know you.. My heart does hurt and I don't know what to do.. Hold on and fight? Or separate until we become right then reunite..? Sometimes its like you don't even care if im here nor there.. Sometimes it feels like you wouldn't give a damn if you woke up and I was no longer by your side. Sometimes i feel like it wouldn't hurt you at all. While id walk away with tears in my eyes.. Its ok if you don't love me no more.. I know things will no longer be how they was before. I ain't going to lie my hearts really sore. But you don't have to stay with me.. I can leave.. It will be hard as fuck but ill make it through these dark times.. Even though we promised we would never part and say goodbye.. Because lately that's all i see in your eyes.. But for what it's worth I really hoped that we worked… we grew so close in a year.. But in the last few weeks drifted miles apart.. I'll always love you and have you in my heart..  But I know when it's time to walk away.. Your heart says you love me.. But your eyes no longer want me to stay...

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