Poem -

Somewhere Beyond Home

Somewhere Beyond Home

How rarefied  the air must be on the pinnacle you occupy.
Where, looking down on lesser mortals
your blinkered vision blinds you further.
In one hand you hold righteousness ..
which weighs heavy on you
The other palm cradles  the savage hypocracy you treasure.
You see only the raggle, taggle, broken man.
A silent, ‘dusky’ man -so unlike you.
And you mumble ‘why don’t you stay in your homeland?
‘why come here?’
A homeland devastated by years of war.
Where stability has become fallen disorder,
where the only value he now places on anything .
Is how safe he can keep his children.
Children, who have seen barbarism beyond human boundaries.
Where violation is a daily fear seen and suffered.
His love of fine clothes and home now a distant memory
With no validity in the world he  now inhabits.
His love of his heritage buried deep within  him
as he faces a choice no father wants to make.
Stay, fight, hide, die, maybe survive, lose all, stay ‘home’
Flee, like a thief in the night, with only unholy souls to protect you.
To face the  perils of a journey over a vindictive, vengeful sea.
A sea impatient to devour the hapless aged, who slowly lose their frail hold.
The babes in arms, whose mothers slip ,exhausted, into the deep watery blackness.
Abandoning  a land he loves but feels has been forgotten by the world
Everything he once cherished now become as nothing.
All left behind.
To begin again, anew, but friendless,
reviled, and with suspicion all around him.
But, with faith, he clutches the hands of his children,
and knows  exactly where his world is.
Pride, now put aside, the seas undulations rocking the desperate souls clinging aboard.
This raggle, taggle, broken man, sacrifices all he has ever had,
To bring life, to bring peace,
 to save for a new world those he loves…  
somewhere beyond home.

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Sometimes we forget the humanity of those genuine refugees fleeing from such a terrible life...thank you for reminding us so vividly, that they exist...Nice job Lodigiana x


So true and so sad that this situation even has to exist!  Thanks for your comments ..really appreciate it xx

Nigel Cresswell

Oh Lodigiana, this is perfectly done. Masterpiece.
How I have felt and tried to express this so many times. How do some people see their fellow people in levels of respect? We are all just people. No-one is better than anyone else and when they are fleeing true terror they deserve our welcome not our condemnation.
But then, hey, we might have to admit then that the bombs that they are running from were made by us.
On St. Georges day this year I got annoyed with an idiot wearing a t-shirt with the red cross on white shouting "George" gulp of beer "George".
When I politely pointed out that St. George was born in Syria and morons like him wouldn't let him in the country he got upset.
When I pointed out his t-shirt was the FRENCH symbol of Eleanor of Aquitaine he tried to hit me. He regretted that.
This is brilliant and important. Pinned forever.


Thank you so very much Nigel! I am really touched by your words and good on you for being a man of principal .Too often we allow our prejudices to get right in the way of compassion and when we should be holding out a helping hand we are busy building up a barrier...kindness ultimately  can do so much more good .Really appreciate your words ...thank you .