Poem -


Sorrow why is it so hard to get over.Ā  Joy why is it so hard to get or believeĀ  . NumbĀ  mostĀ  to are likely embrace . Tough on us all the impact of loss . One more time you find it . As discussed or with discust you endure it . Sorrow you visit to often . Joy your never home . Numb a way into another pointless day . Mediocre all the hours passing . Spark off wrong doing or undesirables will hunt you down . Believe in whatever keeps you functioning . Do whatever feels right . Trust your judgement even when impaired by shock . Turned out okay , or not so good . All will have people who they form attachments . How that impacts there self worth is up to hurt . Woe life's way of telling you to slow down or speed ahead . Sorrow I'm sick of the sight of you . Joy please respond to my begging .Ā  Numb is no help in the long run . Do some simple actions to repel the undesirable emotions . Even if that means abandoning depression a friend of mine and yours.Ā Ā 

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