Poem -

Starving Behind a Smile

To Robin Williams, a light unto others and a man of secret agony

Starving Behind a Smile

His dazzling smile infuses joy in others
His bright shining eyes open the eyes of all he meets
Words of kindness drip like sweet honey from his lips
Humor that breaks into the laughter of millions
Acts of selfless compassion are always his calling card
Always helping, always strong, always letting the sad and depressed feed upon his abundant life force

I wonder where he is?
Who he is raising and healing this day with the balm of his generous soul?
Who is smiling and laughing joyously at his exuberant comedy?
Whose mind is he illuminating, with the light of his brilliance?
He must surely be the happiest of souls, so full of love, so full of life, so full of joy and laughter

What? That cannot be. NO!!
it’s not possible!
How could that happen? How could such a bright, loving soul do that to himself?
Oh God!!

What sadness was there behind that smile?
What darkness behind those shining eyes?
What melancholy behind the laughter?
What pain and despair was left unspoken, unseen, unheard?
What compassion he starved for and was never offered?
How long he gave away his life until none was left for him?

The world is darker
Now that he is gone

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Icarus Flocke

great tribute, and i relate to this on a deeply personal


Cherie Leigh

Hi Kurt.  I adored Robin Williams...and I too was heartbroken when he took his life....He was such a bright star in this world with his humor and sensitive kind ways,,,I remember him back when he starred on Mork and Mindy, as the quirky alien, Mork from Ork,  Nanu nanu!  Lol  There are many people who suffer in silence but present to the world a smile and laughter as if to try to ease the worlds pain if they cannot ease their own.  Robin was one of those dear souls that suffered severe depression that was relentless and he was overcome with the dark thoughts,  This is such a nice tribute with respect to a great actor, comedian, and inspiration to all who were lucky to see him perform.  Thanks for sharing, and welcome to Cosmo.  I will be reading your work.  xo Cherie  ;) 

Marion Price

A family member killed himself, he also was the funniest, kindest, least self pitying person in the world....laughter was his gift to the world, everybodies friend. Nobody saw it coming. It makes you wonder at our secret world's...the world's within our heads ...lovely tribute to a very fine man Kurt. 🌹


A beautiful reminder of the gentle soul we have lost and whose like we are unlikely to see again.