Poem -


A change in thinking


Steps lead up to a future uncertain,
Leading forth for all who may follow,
Though they lead in upward trend,
Earnest minds shall not struggle,

Though steps be many, no end in sight,
Each one a triumph to delight,
To look behind & gently savour,
The journey taken in all endeavour,

Despair may creep from darkest hollow,
Offers a pill, to bitter to swallow,
Time is taken to reflect,
In all that matters to deflect,

A river flows through least resistance,
A path familiar to failed existence,
First step taken, the river diverts,
Forged endeavour, the mind converts,

A journey pure for all who follow,
For they who question bleat & wallow,
Destination frivolous, the journey subjective,
Though each taken, leaves a lasting impression.

©️ 2020 Graham Marshall 
©️ image Graham Marshall 

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