Poem -

Still Learning

I don't think there ever was a time
When I thought I knew it all
Though perhaps there was a time
When I decided
That my opinions on things
Were fixed.

And perhaps to a large extent they are,
Though in some areas I'm undecided.
It seems to me, though, that there is more
To it than holding an opinion:
It's what you do.

And as I get older I feel
Less inclined to argue
And more inclined to accept
That people have different opinions

And not wishing to be a bigot
I feel increasingly inclined to
Simply allow peopls to hold a point of view
Without arguing or ferling frustrated.

Live and let live.
I'm still learning.


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Violet Freese

Live and let live ..... Very honorable and wise words.  We fail in youth to have open minds if we acquire them at all it is often through the years lived with experiences that get us there.
great write