Poem -


I am the child of parents that weren't there,
Never thought me how to really care.
I was always on the outside trying to get in,
I ended up living a life filled with sin.
Then something changed deep inside of me
I wanted to be the best, that I could be
I fought all my demons and put them to rest
I started setting goals, and achieving at my best
Every day I grew getting stronger bit by bit,
I stopped lashing out and having my hissy fit.
Now I stand before you with hope in my heart
That every single person deserves a fresh start.
I ask you not to judge the mistakes I did make,
but look at my courage and all the steps I take.
The internal battle never ends and daily I have to fight
To fit into a society and always do what's right.
Everyday I'm still learning things I ought to know,
About how  to love and when to let go.
Inside I have a fire a passion to succeed
This time its built on love, strength and not greed.
we all make mistakes' I've owned up to all of mine,
you will really see it if you give me the time.


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Jo Mantra

Love it! Felt like an anthem to all people


Thank you :) That is how it sounds in my head haha!