Poem -

Suddenly frisson aye describe...,

I suddenly feel scared

Suddenly frisson aye describe...,

As told once upon time helloo
from me matt chew
most previous poem ugh goo,
viz freak accident found ninety
degree angled desk corner (ewe
might not bull heave)

rammed, impaled, fricasseed
smack dab skew
whirred spitting out
fluid on rotisserie
preparatory for stew
right side rib cage

quite agonizing boo boo
intermittent pain analogous
to dull stabbing
finds yours truly nsync with moo
wing cow word le lion hoo
ping to schedule medical appointment

come thee morrow,
this klutz he did brew,
or maybe ghastly conspiracy
courtesy Spiro Agnew
hmm... possibly global warming
ha... puff... imagine dragon

retracting dagger type,
claws, and opening jaws of steel
eyeing thyself as main course on menu
damning self, aye packed
especially when standing askew
(hunched over tying laces re: shoe)

struck by poison arrow unleashed
no Inca ling how
indigenous people of Peru
found their way linkedin
with this Yahoo,
he swiftly strayed

outside Gulliver's travels
into good n plenti boulevard
of broken dreams
essentially, one direction avenue
mixed within gibberish goulash stew
wing conglomeration

trumped courtesy "fake" parvenue
he haint goat noah idea nary a blues clue
for aforementioned stream
of consciousness and drew
whatever came to his mind - toodle loo.
Adieu... from mister MaGoo

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Violet Freese

I LOVE THIS!!!!  Mr Magoo and his wild ride!!!!!!  Way to go ..violet