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Suicide of Jeffrey Epstein equals Pyrrhic victory

Suicide of Jeffrey Epstein equals Pyrrhic victory

Rigor mortis cold comfort
defendant need not appear in court
diminishes attendant prosecutorial effort
habeas corpus made superfluous
courtesy just dessert morte
but deadman outflanked plaintiffs sport.

Nonetheless millionaire financier and
accused sex trafficker
found dead by suicide
on Saturday August 10th, 2019
doth not absolve his guilt
rather speaks of innocence
and naiveté he stole.

Many accosted victims might rejoice,
yet the ghost of Jeffrey Epstein
will continue to hang around,
grinning, leering, ogling...
within seared psyches
indelibly scarred

only slightly assuaged
wounded warrioresses
advocates against physical violation
sexual and/or otherwise
offenders need be taken to task,

whether within parental/
guardian role, religious contexts
relationships, random
axe of violence, et cetera.

The voices of abused victims
sweeping across webbed gamut of
age, gender, nationality, race, religion...
suffer anguish courtesy
dirty deeds dirt cheap
costing devastating expense
for grueling life

only compounded when
blithely ignored
begetting psychological ills
giving perpetrator,
no matter his/her (their)
linkedin demographic bracketed affiliation

must be held accountable
yes even the president
plus lesser political representatives
granting guilty free license
to roam scott free.

Yours truly amply nonresistant
regarding ohm my dog
being convenient scapegoat,
reckons if brazen

and empowered courtesy
Lake Woebegone powdermilk biscuits
retaliatory vendettas bring absolute zero
win/win conflict resolution.

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