Poem -



The people are so beautiful
the sound of their breath
as they whisper and giggle
and laugh heavily.

As they slap one another
in childish play, crossing
the boundaries of age,
I realise the joy
found in each new day.

Life may be tough and
bitter unfair
But 'living' is
actually not all that rare.

Community, family...
sharing the pain
helps us to feel
real joy once again.

When we suffer together
it's a light-hearted joke...
but standing alone
one could cut
their own throat.

Accepting the struggle,
we all carry on,
Next year this one
will be sung
a new song.

It's all an adventure,
with both gain and loss:
a journey that's always
worth the cost.

To come out smiling
with friends ever true-
is ample reward
for the work that we do.

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Terry Kay

This is so sweet and so true.  Nice write.  Terry kay