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Disperse CPS

Disperse CPS

I wish CPS was gone
As I’m sure others do,
Wandering around just to destroy 
Your family and the soul in you

First they steal your children away
Based on false allegations and lies,
Then Family Court so does enjoy
Watching you fight for your family ties 

Attorneys enjoy and encourage it all
The Judge just sits and daydreams,
Letting CPS lie on the witness stand
Always telling half-truths as it seems

Next you find your career is gone
Your reputation has split as well,
Can’t afford the Attorney anymore
As CPS always finds more lies to tell

Now others know about the lies
Where there’s smoke there’s fire,
People talking behind your back
Shaming you based on a liar

Where is the accountability?
Who said what must be brought to light,
Your children taken away based on lies 
CPS could care less about your plight


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Hello Maryann...

Some children and families need their services...

It's true they definitely like though...

It should be mandatory so that the truth will show itself that before any action is taken that the workers should have to take a lie detector test or some type of truth serum which ever works best or both...

That would stop a lot of the nonsense indeed because, the burden of proof is on the accuser not the accussee...

Lawyers and Judges too and clean house big time!

Great write!

Thank you for sharing...




Maryann Petri

Thank you so much for understanding!  They are so frustrating.  So many are suffering, families destroyed.  They RARELY help those in need and I have witnessed that....  thank you for looking at my poem!