Poem -

Take Me Home

Come with me through the city in the night
The bank towers loom standing tall and upright
The streets kept bright by automatic pole light

The sewers' stomachs bubble with plastic waste and paper
The sky's lies poison as well as the ground's vapor
In the unnatural world the only thing unnatural is nature

I miss the green hills and the forest mazes
I miss the campfires, those sweet forest blazes
I miss the adventure of searching for oasis

I miss scouring acres of land like a conquistador
I'd run the fields and like a bird I'd soar
The path always winding and always a door I'd never opened before

I miss those days when everything was new
But the truth is that I could have that here too
The truth is the only thing I really miss is you

I hide behind buildings and concrete and glass
I hide behind rolling hills, forests, and grass
But the truth is there's something I've only just come to grasp

Take me to London or take me to Rome
Put me in Cochran and just bring me home
Without you all I ever do is roam

So when I say the city is starting to stink
That I'd like some time in the country to think
What I mean is I wish you were here by my side
So until you are then behind places I'll hide

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kay harris

So uplifting and the words of love. I give you a great big welcome, I hope to read more of your heart felt words 

Noah Moon

Thanks so much for the welcome and the kind words!

Dean Kuch

Hello, Noah, and welcome to the Cosmo community.
Good mono/end-rhyming in all seven of your rhymed couplets.
You finish up with a fabulous flurry featuring a rhymed quatrain in an aabb rhyme scheme.
There are some good examples of alliteration scattered throughout your poem as well.
Nicely done.
~Dean Kuch ☠️

Noah Moon

Thanks! I don't really ever plan a structure, it just happens.

Dean Kuch

Well, that's why we're all here, Noah, to learn and get better at our beloved craft.
Keep those creative juices flowing freely, my friend.
~Dean  :)