Poem -

Take Two?

Does he love me?

Take Two?

How my name from your lips 
Takes away my very breath
How when you reach for me
I almost collapse
As your lips softly touch 
My throat and breast
The sensation of fire and ice
fills my soul
I stand now at my window
Like a school girl undone
Wanting you and hoping
I am not just a plaything
Not a notch on your belt.
I fear  I am in love with you
Doesn't that take two?

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Cherie Leigh

Yikes! When emotions are that intense and desire that high, it is scary not to know if the man feels the same way....I empathize for the woman in this scenario wanting it to be two as one and not feel alone in her love...What a legitimate real life fear!  Portrayed well.....with sexy Legolas as a good male representative for that pensive intensive look of mystery behind them....lol  I enjoyed, Violet.  xo ;)