Poem -

Taking Back Control

Taking Back Control

He whispers the sweetest melodies in your ear
“I love you baby, you’re the only one for me. If you were just
There for me when I needed you this wouldn’t happen. Why are
You crying”?  As he wipes a single tear.
” I swear I won’t do it again.
This is the last time,
Please don’t leave me-I wouldn’t know
What I’d do if I could never again touch your silky skin.
Lies I’ve heard many times before
I can’t bring my heart to listen to my mind
It sad but I still love him and every time he
Runs out on me I try to please him even more
What makes some women so weak when it comes to men?
When they lie, cheat, but still we surrender to them
Us women we wear our hearts on our shoulders
To break us, only takes one single boulder
What happened to us to being the stronger species?
One look from a man can tear our hearts into little pieces
One smile from a man can send our senses into overdrive
Make our bodies hot and our sexuality rise
It shouldn’t be this way ladies -we are stronger than they
In the way we walk, in what we intellectually say
We have the upper hand, the control over they
We need to put our hearts in a box and pack it away
We don’t have to accept the betrayal
We don’t have to accept our minds being mentally disabled
It’s time to take back the control we’ve lost
Be the women we once were at any cost

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Tony Taylor

Wow!!..... that is intense dear poet sister!!...... Cheating sucks!!...... my ex cheated on me with a guy from work...... goes both ways......ALL STARS!!...... good work!......LOVE and ROCKETS!!.....T xo 😉✳✴☀👍

Natashia Bonner

Cheating does suck! Thanks for the thumbs up! Always appreciated