Poem -

Tell Mama

Tell Mama

When my heart fails,
tell Mama I love her dearly
A chronic disease glues me to a bed
in a land far from home

When I'm unable to return,
tell Mama I always had her in mind
Poverty has put me on an overloaded boat
to cross the Mediterranean for greener pastures
It was in the news that hundreds drowned yesterday
but I've to survive to keep this life

When bullets run through my thin body,
tell Mama to weep not
I've to fight for the land that birthed me
Someone has to be on the frontline

When all is said and done, and I’m not done,
tell Mama I did my best
and that I’m still fighting for a better life for us
Tell her her fragile babe has grown tough skin
and can take the whips of life


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Hello Anthony...

Such a strong and beautiful message...

It is the whole truth when you just have tell those who are in the way and against your Country or their own to move out of the way...

I believe there's a difference in what you do and in how you die...

Great write!

Thank you for sharing...



Anthony Yormesor

I always appreciate your feedback sparrowsong. Thanks. Hugs...