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Telling myself.... NO

Telling myself.... NO

Me and you are staying home today doing absolutely nothing!! I don’t care that you want to drive to the city to make a start on your Christmas shopping.. I am simply not letting you put a foot outside your door.. this is my first and final warning so you better not ignore!!

Content yourself, do some ditties, get your knitting out if you feel the need.. but listen to your inner head you need to slow down your speed.. you aren’t getting any younger.. infact you are climbing up THAT hill.. the slippery one to the pearly gate.. you need to rest a little Jill ..

Eeh isn’t it a bad job when when yourself gives you an order.. tho it’s very easy to just ignore it and overstep THAT border!! but seriously I do feel tired today my tinnitus has been a pain.. the one that sounds like a rusty generator.. tho it does wax and wane..

So its Sunday today.. I’m lying in my boudoir resting my weary head..and quite frankly I do not feel the need to get out of my bed!! So Jill has listened to herself..tho she has plenty of places to go.. I have got my sensible head on this morning and telling myself NO 🤣

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A Lonely Journey

Jill and Jill, 
Very creative, clever, and cute write. I loved it. 
It's almost as if you have several personalities, and are talking amongst yourself. 
But you do deserve the rest(you're probably tired from writing a poem every 4 seconds. LOL. I don't know how you do it, and are still so creative!), and I'm glad you listened to yourself. 
Anyway, you're young at heart, and a great writer, and fun, wonderful person, so please do listen to you, and take a much deserved break...but not from writing, we enjoy it too much. 
Great job, my friend!! 


Cherie Leigh

Hi Jill....I have to do the same thing time to time in order not to burn out....but writing is always a great way to unwind and let out stress.....Telling yourself no is sometimes necessary.  Honest write. xo ;)

Jill Tait

Haha yes I am my I am worst enemy Lol thank you hunnybun 💕💕💕