Poem -

Tham Luang Cave Rescue

Tham Luang Cave Rescue

A dark cave was calling
A secret loud yell
But they didn't know
They'd be tossed into hell

It started out 
An innocent hike
For the coach and the kids
It was something they'd like

But disaster was lurking
In the Tham Luang Cave
For the Wild Boar Soccer Team
And their coach it was grave

It started out fun
On a great sunny day
Who would have known
What Mother Nature would say

The water came rushing
And panic set in
So forward they travelled
In hopes they would win

They managed to clear
All the cave's threatening traps
And finally found
A safe place to collapse

The adrenalin rush
Finally came to an end
But the team was together
With a message to send

Thai Divers were called in
To examine the caves
For now they would be
Wild Boar's Water slaves

The boys range in ages
From twelve to sixteen
And the Coach's decision
Be their pillar to lean

For three weeks they struggled
To live in this cave
And finally God raised his hand
Said "Be Brave"

The rescue completed
But one lost his life
A diver committed
He's a HERO by right

A prayer can be said
Everyday that we live
For this great pure example
That mankind has to give.