Poem -


I remember that day
How a wind blew the hair
Across your stone face
How your eyes held nothing

No saving grace

And I remember 
How I looked back 
Through unseeing tears
For reprieve
But there was nothing

No saving grace

It was then I fell
Down down 
Ever down
Down to the darkness
In my best mourning gown
And no hand to save me

No saving grace

To crash land
On a bed of straw
A little mouse there
For friend
With a milking cow
And grain around
My toes all warm and cosy

Surprised to find
I did 
Grace had saved me

Thanks Grace.

Marion Price(2020)




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Being Me

I feel I can relate to this. Fabulous poem x

Cherie Leigh

Hi Marion....You seem to be writing to speak to my heart these days....and I feel every word and see myself....You are a gifted writer, who knows how to stir emotions with your words...and they can haunt.  I love that about you.  You are inspiring.  It seems just when life seems unbearable, grace steps in just in the nick of time....We just have to wait for it and embrace it when it comes as a gift.  Love n Hugs, xo 

Marion Price

That's a beautiful comment Cherie, thankyou so much for that. I'm touched and honoured that you 'feel' this work because it's true. One day in the future we wake up absolutely astonished to find ourselves in  a different life where we maybe appreciate the small things having lost so much along the way...if that makes sense. This has happened to me...now...in my 5th life ( don't ask🤪) ...I find pleasure in completely different things than I did in my first life, or maybe 'phase of life' lol...I sound like some reincarnated witch lol...but I think you know what I mean and please don't send the men in the white coats ok 🤣💖