Poem -

That Smile

The smile on my face.
You know it's grace.
Remember this ain't no phase.
It's ever lasting.
Don't bother fasting
My seatbelt. I'll take my chances.
Shuffle closer to the girl that dances.
I am free, like a creature.
Life doesn't bother me,
It's a nice feature, and I long to see.
All that falls, all that runs.
I have the balls to touch the suns,
If I ever get the opportunity.
I will never abort unity.
It's my only destination.
All that oppose, I'll face 'em.
Singing aloud, I'll tell the crowd.
Be smart, use your heart.
Use your brain, everyone is insane.
Don't let this be in vain.
The road to riches, that's for bitches.
Rags is all I need, tags force greed.
Don't let it suck you in.
Where the fuck you've been?
I was dreaming, screaming at the sky.
Now I wonder why. 
But we're an addictive species.
Now go and get your high.

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