Poem -

That's Just How it Goes

That's Just How it Goes

through my whole life
I have been abused,
used and torn apart.
hated, hurt and thrown away
living with my broken heart.
my lungs are black with "therapy"
my eyes are wet with tears
my mind is full of countless thoughts
wanna get high and forget my fears.
hurting just to feel alive
covered in ugly scars
i waste every day i go through
hoping to be hit by cars
or something.
my head is full of suicide
my heart is full of pain
my soul is full of promises
and abandonment fills my brain.
i wish i could pass out and die
i don't wanna wake up
cause when i do i know that you will leave like everybody else

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Terry Kay

Hi Bri, 

Welcome to Cosmo.  Sometimes like everything in life you have to live it yo understand it.  I can relate yo your write and it is written very well.  I enjoyed reading and hope to see more.  I'm dometsome not around but I usually catch up and I will be watching.  Love, Terry Kay