Poem -

That’s the Thing About Life

Sometimes I feel like life knocks us down.
Maybe so we can see the heights we can reach, before we touch the ground.
Sometimes it feels like we’re being broken or torn apart, but sometimes being broken reminds us who we are.
Sometimes life can leave us stranded like everything is passing by,
when our hearts become so heavy we begin to question why.
When we lose sight of what’s before us we begin to look around 
never realizing what we’re searching for, we’ve already found.
Sometimes we get so occupied here.
Thats the funny thing about life,
it doesn’t care if you’ve held your time near.
Sometimes we don’t think about the rising tides.
We think that when it comes we’ll know where to hide. 
Sometimes I think it’s beautiful, this thing we call life.
From all our mournful tears to all our bitter strife. 
Sometimes I feel like life lifts us up, takes us to the heights, so that once we get there we’ll learn how to take flight. 

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