Poem -


Whoever has the black king wins in the event
of a tie - astonishing, because black is disadvantaged,
more difficult to win if you're under-privileged,
so, whoever is black wins - someone said: 'I don't think so.'

Armageddon is over, it was but a brief respite,
not easy, not right, if you can't be seen in the night;
Othello the Moor, stopped by to play a game of chess,
and noted the pursuit of the black king was relentless.

Cetawayo stood on a hill, directing his waiting army,
the thought of not really winning was a mystery,
Deontay rose above everyone, grinning from the ring,
even if you're a winner, people think it's a sin.

No wonder one's position can be viewed with consternation,
​​​​​​​and wise to ensure that you don't get above your station.Β 

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Barry Childs

Superb. I prefer to be black when playing chess. Barry x

Terry Reeves

Magnus Carlsen recently retained the World Chess championship.
After twelve draws it was resolved by playing three quick games.
If it had gone further, whoever had the black king in the last game would be the winner!!