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The boy finally spoke his mind

The boy finally spoke his mind

I saw your smile and it fell upon me 
When I close my eyes you’re all I see 
To getting money and getting good grades 
Your all I need 
Tell me why you don’t talk to me 
Why don’t we go back to the past 
When I would tell you a joke and you’d laugh 
I kept my mouth shut for five years 
I told you how I felt because the pain grew to much to bare 
You didn’t even care 
What I had to say 
Or how I felt 
You will never know exactly how I felt 
To you all I am is a ghost now 
I want to set you free 
But still haven’t landed on my feet

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Whispering Dream

Please don't belittle yourself, I can feel you doing so in your words. Nobody is worth doing that to you or anyone else. We live with pain and yes that is unfortunate but there is so much to life and you seem so young. Keep you chin up and all will fall into place :) keep writing...

Michelle Booy

Stay positive (easier said than done). You are stronger than you even know. :) Keep going forwards!