Poem -

The crew

Here's a gift . It's not what your expecting , it may not even appeal to you . But here goes anyway . I held yourĀ  candle and watched as you burnt both ends of it . When another way tripped you up . I kissed your boo boo . When it was time for me to let you go . I did it as gratefully as I could . Love your a tricky gift , you blind penises , you shut down clams . You ease the aches and trap the fallen . You split up crew's ,Ā  so lost without a firstmate , so rocky . Have we misplaced any chances of getting a new round . Was it neededĀ  a new crowd cupid . SomeĀ  GiftsĀ  wrap up what's left of theĀ  expected but when played with then brokenĀ  , hang out within the crew . Spinning the bottle for who next to screw .Ā 

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