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The Eye Of The Tiger

The Eye Of The Tiger

Who would have ever believed it, who would have ever guessed?
That Tiger would win another Masters, rising above all of the rest!
For two years ago, his future was shaky, with three risky back surgeries;
Would his spliced spine ever be healed, or was his career history!
With trepidation, he began to practice, just some putting and chips;
Slowly, he eased into some irons, and the rotation of his hips!
Lastly was his powerful driver, a very feared weapon from the past;
Amazingly, his swing was still fluid, his back had healed at last!
Finally, it was time for the true test, enter a tournament or two;
With no pressure, just to clear the rust, that sport’s atrophy can do!
Then slowly, but ever so surely, he began by making some cuts;
Showing unheard of resilience, and the epitome of guts!
He came close to winning The Open, then two months later, it finally came;
He won the important Tour Championship, beating the best in the game!
But yesterday he validated his title, of the greatest golfer there is;
He won the coveted Masters, immortality, at last is his!
Eye of the Tiger
History made yesterday
Lasting for all time


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Larry Ran

Dear James,

I didn't realize his initials are "ET".
I should have guessed it though, because his recuperative powers, are "out of this World".

Peace and Love,
Larry xxx

Rose Sho

Tiger Woods have taught me that one can rise after a fall. He has worked hard at getting back to his feet after falling. Congratulations to him.
My love to Linda.
Love you both dearly


Larry Ran

My Dear Sweet Rose,

I never thought he would even win another golf tournament, let alone The Masters.  But, I must admit, that Linda never doubted his comeback.
Needless to say, I have been eating "crow pie" for a while.

All my love to you and Justin,
Daddio xxx

P.S.  The saying "eating crow pie", is an idiom for having to eat one's words.