Poem -

The futures beginning

The futures beginning

Can you hear me?
A mute cry fills my throat and drowns the sound,
Faces flood over me incoherent, terrifying.
Cotton binds my tiny body and all around me bears stare with glassy blankness.
Then you were there,
soft misty eyes look eagerly into mine and I am frozen, bewitched.
Im caught in the endlessness of them.
Who are you? The eyes glisten like a distant galaxy and for a moment I feel like I´m glimpsing eternity.
Warm sunlight caresses my skin, or is it a blanket Im not sure.
Fear breaks in glittering diamonds,
I know you...
Weve met before,
I heard your pounding heart, the oceanic waves pulsing and crashing,
I heard your inner voice speak softly to me ... oh you ...
I know you ... mamma.

Stephanie Rost

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Katina Woodruff...


From the eyes of a baby, so precious. I just adore this poem. I penned it to read again later. Thank you. 


What an unusual aspect to write about..totally fascinating, captivating and all encompassing for the reader to understand the confusion, fear, solitude and ultimately the wonderful bonding the newborn must feel..Just beautiful and well done for the nomination Stephanie.   Lodigiana x