Poem -

The Game of Marbles

The Game of Marbles


One day in my life as I toured
the country side,
Of a foreign country in which I
had entered in;
I stopped to watch a few boys
beginning to apply,
The rules of marbles and trying
 to begin;
They started to clear a small 
flat spot,
Of debris, stones, and sand,
Drawing a circle for a pot,
For all the marbles which were 
common to  the land.

So, I went and bought some
marbles from a store,
And asked if I could play in
the next game,
They nodded when they saw
prizes galore,
That they were about to win
and gain.
I played as an adult in the face
  of boys,
Who had mastered the technique
of the game,
With skill unlike what I used to enjoy,
Knocking out marbles with 
excellent aim;

I lost them all in the once 
upon a time game,
I did not care one little bit;
I was encouraged to come 
once again,
When I wanted to lose more
in the circled pit.

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