Poem -

The girl I used to be

I'm a empty shell of the girl I used to be 
hiding in her shadow 
hearing her talking to me 
it's a whisper inside of my head 
feeling her there...
but what can I do 
I'm not the girl I used to be 
this soul is not mine 
wanting to return this body to her 
but I am her 
wanting to go back to the carefree little girl 
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry for the life I made you live
I hope one day you can forgive me 
one day I hope  I can be able to hear you 
I know you're trying to get through to me 
and maybe one of these days we can fight our demons together 

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Simon Bromley

Truly awesome.  Deep, honest and very well written.  It's ironic I think that many of our great words come from sorrow.  I wish you well