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"The Goblin Eulogy" By Ben Goode (c) 2016

"The Goblin Eulogy" By Ben Goode (c) 2016

Goblin King, owl disguise, you sing, your wonder, never dies.
Just say the words, its goblin magic, mortal passing, that is tragic. 
Wish it, so its heard by us. 
Stay oh King, you must, you must! 
The voodoo that you do its real. 
Your songs for all, they have appeal. 
What kind of magic spell to use? 
So oh King, we'll never lose? 
We'll dance a magic dance its true, jump that magic jump for you!

(Tribute to David Bowie from Labyrinth) 1947-2016 

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Benjamin Goode

Thank you very much :) I thought David Bowie was amazing, he still is, and always will be :)

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Hi Ben.  I have the movie Labyrinth and my kids like it too....It is classic...David Bowie is a legend that will never die....I appreciate you keeping his memory alive...I still crack up in the scene where he is singing, "Dance magic dance!" and throwing the baby up in the air...lol  Enjoyed. xo ;)