Poem -

The Hedgehog

The Hedgehog

Nestling in the hedgerow
an urchin amongst the leaves,
a ball of prickly spines
crawling with fleas.

The Autumn moon
cold and pale,
lights the silvery worm
and shell of snail.

Then bumbling along
the hedgehog is out,
snuffling and grunting
with foraging snout.

Upon a damp,dripping log
is sniffed a wet frog,
then to waddle away
from the fox and owl,
and the night bark of a distant
dog on the prowl.

To hide away from
the warriors of winter,
to sleep unseen in fields and fog.

In a ditch under a stone,
to await the winds of Spring,
that blow the seeds
of Dandelions,Daisies and Wild Rose. 

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Tony Owen

Hi India. Thank you for reading and commenting on my poem. Much appreciated! Thank you!

Cherie Leigh

Awww....He is so cute....and your words really brought his personality and charm out.. ;) xo

Tony Owen

Hi Cherie. Wonderful to receive your comment. Your very positive words are inspiring me to write more. Thank you so much! ;) xo

Tony Owen

Hi Marion. Thank you so much for your very positive comments about my poetry. I am quite new to this site and it is the first time that I have uploaded my poems online. Your comments have made me feel very welcome, so many thanks!