Poem -

The Jelly Bellies

The Jelly Bellies

With a wiggle waggle wobbliness 
Of jilly jolly jellies
the willy wally wannabees
filled up their wibbly wobbly bellies
But the booby glooby joobliness
of limey grimey sliminess
stickied up their stuckupness
so they were smothered in griminess
Well they roly poly rolled about
like blibs and blobs of bubbleness
but blotched and splotched 
splishes and splashes in glooby gobules of tearfulness

Each and every drippy droplet was fearful of hurtfulness
So they jumped into a piddle puddle to wash away the dirtfulness
Now the willy wally wannabess
are clappy happy chappies
and wear cottonwool wrappy tatty nappies
Cheerful cickle cackle creatures of tappy lappy happiness
making binging bonging beats on drums to pitter patter tappiness

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Marion Price

Lol...I will never look at jelly bellies in the same way 😆😆