Poem -

The Last Island

The Last Island 

Burning sand slithers down my throat
Only to bury what a dead man once wrote 
Silver skeletons smoking with the priest of pain
How do you shame a peaceful love?

Islands made of giant raspberries 
Ocean waves dance around our toes
Birds play in the dirt while I hunt the sun
Let the soldiers come to town. 

I worry about the baboons drum 
Pirates rum
Yes the jungle is raped tonight
Tomorrow I might leave with a honey bees gold
A native memory I was to the prince of thieves 
I missed the punch to your heart
Watch my dragons tail wipe your tears. 

© 2017 Randle Allshouse Jr.

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Alexis Krysyna

Cheers Randall;
-I really enjoyed your metaphorical imageries that are very demonstratively descriptive and also, very definitively expressive.
-though I enjoyed your poem very much because of its artistic beatification of a fantasy dream created in relevancy to reality, I must admit, that I was somewhat thrown off by the conceptual theme. I found it wasn't clear to me and could you help?
Thanks for sharing and take care and always have a good one.

Randle Allshouse Jr.

There really wasn't one lol. Just images for this poem. Most of mine do have a general theme though.

Dean Kuch

"How do you shame a peaceful love", you asked, Randle?
Well, I've found that infidelity works quite well.
Uncompromising attitude coupled with a violent demeanor works too, although those types of things can get you arrested.
I liked the alliteration and consonance in this scathing piece.
Keep those creative candles burning bright...
~Dean Kuch