Poem -

The man he used to be

The man he used to be

She looks in sadness at his face
An expression of a troubled soul
His personality has disappeared
Inside a dismal, dark,  blank hole

The man that he used to be
lurks in her memories
He had the kindest heart betwixt a spirit that was free

Alas he is at a point of rescue
where there is no medical cure
A downhill slippery slope
for him to slither down for sure

Too late to listen to her words
tho she constantly does try
Those whispering woes of “Why oh why”
as each new dusk goes by

Weeks or days was what she heard
not many months or years
As her tear stained eyes were closed
to comprehend her dreadful fears 

So as she tries to mentally prepare herself
for what does lie ahead
no fragile body battered & bruised
lying crumpled on the bed

She counts her many blessings
searching in his shallow mind
yearning for solace refuge
yet the dawns of death are so unkind

Suffering a sudden stroke
without a warning of it’s wake
Such a callous, cruel curse
with sad remorse for pity’s sake 


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