Poem -

The McNamara

Story teller in my blood ,a post to the King. 
From the ancient line of The High Kings of Ireland.
From the clans of the Highland too. 
The McNamara was a Bard a teller of the tales 
From the royal castles to the
Frozen fields
The stories they would tell.
Of goddesses and their consorts of fairies and Kings.
The Tuatha Danan fair folk of great Warriors and elven spirits.
Druids and the Romans made their presence known.
The aAnglo Saxons and Norse Invaders found poets in the land.
As the Irish sang their songs of history to pass along  to kin.
The invading English had no hope in the grand  lads of old. lOh my Lords  and my fair Ladies,
Do you remember those dark days ? 
Yet how those singing poets kept hope and honor alive .
We must remember them with bravery,f they would fight to tell their tales.
In the telling of the warriors, in
Keeping of the  Kings
They kept dear Ireland alive. By

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