Poem -

the one that isn't just for you

This is for anyone who feels like they do not belong here
because they aren't like anyone else here.
You still belong here.
I hope time shows you that the sheep are often liars,
and they have a thing for consistency.
It was never a problem with you.

For anyone who walks through life an enigma,
who asks themselves why they're so alien to this place
despite being raised here.
Anyone who like me has never felt home anywhere they've travelled,
who never seem to fit quite right no matter who they're with,
who believe deep down that they were always destined for solitude.
I want to tell you that the world
would be an infinitely less wondrous place
if you were unoriginal.
If you must,
learn to mimic the masses and wear your disguise,
but remember to take it off whenever you're safe.

For anyone who isn't interested
in learning the art of conformity,
I beg you not to.
Something I've come to realize is that sometimes the best you
is the one that nobody recognizes.

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A Lonely Journey

Wonderful write. Thank you. I can't tell you how much I related to that. And your words are a beautiful comfort. I bet a lot of people will. 
Makes you feel like you're not alone.