Poem -

The Oracle and the King

FLanders and Ishmael
Poetry and chain mail
Such is the life of a high King
Beautiful women and horses
Skilled warriors and courtesans
Such is the life of a King
Into the halls of the oracle
Treads the powerful monarch
Gazing into the crystalline water
He sees himself covered in blood
The oracle is just an ancient hag
Not what he had expected
No more like Athena or Isis
But not a harriden hag as this
He laid the silver coins down
Beside the magical water
Incense in braziers were smoking
Filling his senses and his mind
He felt dizzy and quickly realized
He should have known this was her trick
To drug him with a potent drug
To induce the visions for himself
He had naught but to go through it
Sitting on the marble floor
Sword and helmet are resting
Against the temple walls so grand
The die had already been cast
To face the hordes of hell 
To keep Greece and Sparta from ruin
He had to go on with the plan


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Marion Price

Enjoyed the read Vanessa, nice write 🌹 🌹