Poem -


The winds that whirl around me
The salted spray from the sea
The rocks beneath my feet
Driftwood I used for a seat
Just looking out to a forever land
Beyond the shells, stones and sand
Was someone looking back my way
Where they are would it be night or day?
The wind it blew so fierce
The coolness froze my tears
My eyes were red, but I blamed the elements
Who had I become?
I was once so elegant
I wore clothes with such style
But I guess that is all relevant
As now I’m out in the wild
Where nature calls
When water falls
I chase a rainbow
In winters white with snow
I enjoy the stars as they glow
In the cobalt sky
Kissing the ground where I would lie
Wondering where I would go
Would I even see the night through?
But then the sky would turn powder blue
And once again I would walk along
Listening to the birdsong
I’m sure they spoke to me you know?
If I were a giant and could see the other side of the ocean
And make a magic potion
That would carry me over
White cliffs of Dover
Fields so green
The most beautiful sights I have ever seen
I would meet the person on the other side
They may have been waiting for me
And I, them
Sitting there someone, somewhere
Is sharing a view
Of this sea so blue
I’m sure this is true
Do they look like me?
Do they talk the same?
Do they think like me
Do they feel my pain?
Are they  my far away shadow
Do they walk through the meadow
The same time as me
Do we have doubles
On the other side of the sea