Poem -

The Owl

The Owl

The owl sits silent and still
in the moonlight, waiting, wise.
Set deep as jewels in a feathered
heart shape face, watchful, worldly eyes.

Through cage of iced winter branch
in the dark wood, a mournful song,
echoes across the heath, the sky,
the world and beyond.

A winged messenger
of Jupiter and Mars,
a melancholy call to
the distant cold stars.

Then through the night chill air
a stealthy flight, a winged phantom of the night,
the light of the full moon gathered in
to form spectral wings,
swooping low through the rolling mist
that creeps along the heath,
cruel talons drawn,from a feathered sheath.

Under the black cloak of darkness
a muffled thud,
then to return, to perch still, in the moonlight
sheathed talons stained in blood.

To cast a grave eye
over dark shadows
that consume
the earth and sky.

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Tracey Goundrill

Fabulous Tony. This is the poem you told me about. It’s so enchanting. It transports you into the owls nightly world. Wonderful write 👏👏

Tony Owen

Lovely to receive your very positive feedback on this poem and others. Thank you. I love your Red Kite poem, a captivating write. I went to university in Wales and used to see these stunning birds regularly. I visited a Red Kite feeding station a few times to study them more closely, a beautiful bird and one of my favourites. Are you going to write any other nature poems? If yes, what would you write about?

Tracey Goundrill

Thanks for your kind feedback about my Red Kite poem, Tony. I would love to see them at a feeding station. They are exquisite raptors. I will be writing more nature poems. I have to wait for them to come though, my poems just come out of nowhere, at any time. If I think about writing a poem I can’t write them. I’m
no good at forcing them. They just naturally appear in my head & I have to scribble them down quickly. It’s quite bizarre how it happens. 

Tony Owen

Hi Tracey. There is a Red Kite feeding station at Tregaron in North Wales, which is the one I used to go to, well worth a visit if you can ge t there. I´m based in Andalucia southern Spain and there are Red Kites here but the Black Kite is more common. I understand you when you say your poems just naturally appear and you can´t force them. Maybe it´s your natural talent that just flows and you can´t turn it on or off. Great to hear that you will be writing more nature poems and I look forward to reading them.