The Perpetrator

The Perpetrator

When I was eighteen I found my Freedom,
well that's how it seemed
but looking back I realise it was nothing but a dream.
Little did I know what was about to unfold 
a story that was never to be told 
how a little girl grew up with no one's hand to hold. 

As she sat there in shock at what she had just seen 
the walls collapsed around her and fell at the seams 
People screaming her name 'Lauren, Lauren, Lauren' 
but still nobody could feel her pain nor could they see it,
little did she know this was the start of the game and nobody would believe it.

 His eyes pierced through her soul like he would stop at nothing to hurt her as pain was his goal, 
he was only happy when she hit an all time  low, 
like her heart, mind & soul needed a tow, 
A voice whispers; 'come on Lauren, do it you know things they don't know '
he stopped at nothing to break her blow after blow, 
legs arms and bones. 

he'd bruise her in places that no one could see ,
so everything looks happy and perfect, everything but me. 

His words cut like a knife to the heart but still I found reason of why we couldn't be apart,
A little voice inside my head reassuring me I'm not dead,
but little did that voice know all I wanted to do was go home,
If that meant death then let's go,

Cause this world is too cruel for an Innocent girl like me, 
as I pray to God I feel the devil intervene saying 'it's ok come with me', 
as I try and banish such thoughts From My Head, 
it's plain to see the devil has took its toll, 
god please save me, 
don't leave me lying in the road,
save me from losing Myself, 
to me it isn't too late,
it isn't too late to find the Lauren I once was, 
So I prey for you to guide me down the right road and protect me from these Demons in my soul.

 As she looks in the mirror she sees nothing but pain and at that moment she realises she won't ever be the same her beauty is shook but she will forever try and fight this look,
it's just hard when people judge after the book so think before you take that second look as my scars are what make me but it's also what breaks me, but I wont let this laughing monster define me, 
 its time to create a new me.

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Cherie Leigh

Very well portrayed of such a dark place....I was there many years ago as a 12 year old girl who was raped by a devil incarnate who masquerades as a pastor now....No greater evil......Very dark but emotional write of well thought words.  xo   

Lauren Webster

I'm so sorry to hear that what an awful experience you had to go through, I hope it can help people relate, thankyou so much xx

A Lonely Journey

That was so intense, and this world consistently is. 
So sorry. 
Great writing. 


Lauren Webster

Do you know how I could get my poems more out there? X

A Lonely Journey

Hi Lauren, 
If you mean on the site, I think you have to read and comment on other people's and then they'll notice yours, and maybe start following you, and more people will read them. 
I'm pretty new, so I don't get many comments. Sometimes I get a lot of reads, but then I only get a few comments, from the nice people who I consider friends. 
Don't get discouraged, please. Keep writing, and posting, and commenting, and they'll come because you are a really great writer. 



Richard Waters

A SENSE OF FREEDOM GIVES YOU THE STRENGTH TO SEE WHAT IS RIGHT, AND PROPER. You learn, as you must, as is natural, through good or bad experiences the worth of being resistant, resiliant and resolved. 
In being respectful of growth, in mind and body, you discover your core foundations. It is here, that you find peace. You have defences against future concerns.
With time, life finds a way, and you find a way, to cope with the outrageous circumstances, as well as the emotionally draining.
Fly from the learn what is important, through exploring ones angst, anxiety, and assurance. The " building blocks " of your personality, related to fortifying the soul, are created from self-perpetuating mechanisms of development, by whatever means. LIFE TEACHES YOU. LIFE MAKES YOU. LIFE BECOMES YOU.
Take care. x