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The Poem of Reflection

The Poem of Reflection

Like seagulls swarming a bay,
my thoughts rattle in my brain,
like an elusive and immortal fey,
lie the clouds needed for rain;

Waves lap at the rocky shore,
erasing the prints I left there,
changing it back to what it was before,
ever-present, never differed, fair;

I lay on the sandy beach,
meditating on those who wronged me,
feet soak in wait for a leech,
hair shining for a bee;

One with the Earth,
by the farthest definition,
I feel wasps give a large birth,
no configuration;

The weak grey sun trembles on my face,
clouds attacking for space in the sky,
who I am has no place,
who I was has said goodbye;

Now there is only the essence,
only the bare remains,
no more tricks, tales, or lessons,
no more blames or pains;

Moving on is the only answer,
moving on is my only goal,
the past is a mediocre dancer,
one to see and forget, a foal;

Now I am truth, now no lies,
the past left far, far behind,
the present full of vibrant dyes,
the future not yet confined.

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What a lovely poem. It has an air about it that is so calm ...which is good as it is about reflection. Fabulous.

Tina x

Eli Mahon

Thank you so much! I was debating about whether to publish this or not, but your comment solidified my decision!
All the Best,
Eli Mahon