Poem -

The Red Zone

The Red Zone

Every Sunday during football season, at exactly one p.m.;
We turn a show on called, “The Red Zone”, pro football’s greatest gem!
Because for almost seven hours, it is totally commercial free;
Each game that’s being contested, is all you’ll ever see!
Scott Hanson is the commentator, he does an amazing job;
We can watch TV while reclining, and never touch its knob!
Whenever a team is close to scoring, they hone-in on their drive;
Sometimes they use a split screen, when two teams a touchdown strive!
As the seasons end comes closer, they dwell on the important games;
The teams with play-off implications, seeking the Super Bowl win and fame!
It is always such a sad day, when we watch the final show;
But the first week next September, it will be back again we know!
Thanks to The Red Zone
Our Fall Sundays are the best
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Tony Taylor

I am SO with you brother!!......... smiles........T xo. : )

Larry Ran

My Dear Tony,

Since starting to watch The Red Zone, the only way we can watch network football now, is to start taping it and then turn it on an hour or so later and watch it commercial free.  Enjoy the last half of the season.  Go Patriots and Panthers!

Love you, Bro, 
Larry xxx